Number/Letter Cake Deposit

Non refundable deposit for your Brownie or Blondie Number/Letter cake.


Single Digit or Letter from £45 each

Two Digits or Letters from £65 each Includes your choice of buttercream, sweets chocolate fruit etc plus meringue kisses and fresh flowers if you so choose.


Each digit/letter is the equivalent 15 full size brownies plus toppings and butter cream. Please contact me directly to arrange when you would like to collect your cake and to confirm any additional details before placing your order the best way to do this is via social media. Your order may be cancelled if placed before confirming a date. All cakes are collection only.

Number/Letter Cake Deposit

  • All my products are made to order and will only be refunded if there is an issue with the product produced, on collection I will show you your cake and check that you are happy with it before leaving.

    Your order secures your date for your cake, £10 of it is a none refundable despoit, orders cancelled 72hours before will be refunded the reamainer, orders cancelled with less than 72hours notice will not ne refunded.